Welcome to my Digital Garden

Hi, welcome to my blog Digital Garden.

Last year when I read an article, I accidentally came across a concept called digital garden. In the title it states that his blog is a digital garden, not a blog. I had read the article and found interested. Unfortunately, after that I moved and forgotten the whole idea.

After a few months, I created this website and started to share few posts on this. This time I saw a tweet about Digital Gardening by Maggie Appleton. I went through the same and found the idea about Digital Gardening is fascinating, again!

In my college days, I thought about a personal digital space in which I can share my collections of notes, resources, and ideas. I started a website in 2014 which is not worked well and eventually I dropped it. After creating this website back in late 2019, still I am not updating the posts regularly due to the perfect blog post concept.

I always want to make content that is perfect and useful to others, which is not a good idea at least sometimes. Perfect things are not a point to reach, It’s like a never-ending journey. As someone said “Shipping beats perfection”.

So I am giving up the classic blog concept; I am trying to make a Digital Garden that will evolve with me.

So, what is Digital Garden?

Digital Garden

Image by Maggie Appleton

A garden is a collection of evolving ideas that are not strictly organized by their publication date. They are the notes published as half-finished thoughts that will evolve with you. They are more imperfect than the personal websites we’re used to seeing. Moreover, they published for yourself rather than a large audience.

They are organized based on the connection between the concepts and themes. You can link the notes with the related posts, tags, and topics using a hyperlink. It’s more like interconnected notes from different published dates (which is optional) with related content.

It grants you the freedom to become an imperfect person, which is more important to me. I always considered myself as a never-ending learner, who is constantly trying to evolve and to be better than yesterday.

So instead of the classic perfect blog posts, you can publish your vague ideas, notes, and make it a good one whenever you learned more, or you can put it in the same way.

Moreover, this is your personal space, which means you are unbounded by the 240 Twitter characters or the Facebook algorithms which decide what to display in your feed. You are playing here, experimenting, evolving along with this. You can put whatever content you love, like short notes, wikis, podcasts, videos, tweets, and essays.

And ultimately, you are the owner of this space. You are not inside the beautifully poisoned wall of Facebook, Medium, or Twitter. As we all know Link in bio is a slow knife in this open world. Most importantly, it’s your content and you own it. You may publish, modify, export or delete the contents whenever you want.

It’s all about creating your own space in the world wide web, which is evolving.

Okay, above is the brief reflections about Digital Gardens.

After reading about the digital garden, I think I should try this. So, here I want to share my half-baked ideas, notes, code snippets, and thoughts, which may be die or grow in the future. I’m excited and looking forward to sharing whatever I am learning from my journey as a Software Developer and Blogger instead of waiting until the perfect post.

Now you are welcome to my digital garden, walk through this, see the flowers, and may eat the apple. Of course, there will be bugs too!

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