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A very short bio,

Hi, I'm Bino,

A software developer and a writer.

and a little long one.
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Hi there! I’m Bino Kochumol Varghese, a software developer from India. I’m passionate about the Web platform and love creating things for the Web. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and more than a decade of experience in web technologies.

When I’m not coding, I like reading books, blogs, and notes on various topics that interest me. I also sometimes write poetry and stories in Malayalam, the language spoken in Kerala, India. I have a strong curiosity to explore the world and love traveling.

This is my digital garden, a place where I plant seeds of knowledge, creativity and curiosity. Here you can see my thoughts, photos, code snippets and notes that I have collected in my journey of life. It inlcudes long essays, short notes that will grow and change over time, and web links for various topics.

Ya, that’s all for now. And welcome to my digital playground and thank you for your time.

Want to know more about me?

You can check some interesting pages,

I write long-form essays as well as short notes about web technology.

In the desk I write reflections about everything from books, travel, and life.

Sometimes I write poetry and short stories in Malayalam.

I have bunch of personal projects which you can check here.

Curious to know what I use? Here is my workstation and tools.

More links? Check the website tags, reading list, and antilibrary.

featured essays,
and some travel photos.
Image of Bino Kochumol Varghese
Image of Bino Kochumol Varghese
Image of Bino Kochumol Varghese
And yes, I am happy to connect with you.

You can email me at binovarghese8120 at gmail dot com or connect with me on X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and GitHub.