Naval about reading

  1. Read what you love until you love to read.
  2. Eventually You’ll Start Reading The “Healthy” Book
  3. Books Are An Investment, Not An Expense
  4. Buy Multiple Copies of Amazing Books
  5. Spend More Time Reading Great Books
  6. Most Books Could Be Shorter
  7. Treat Books Like A Blog Archive
  8. It’s Okay To Skip Through A Book
  9. Give Yourself Permission To Quit Bad Books
  10. You Don’t Have To Read One Book At A Time
  11. Anytime Is A Good Time To Read
  12. Reading Increases Your Chances of Becoming Successful
  13. Developing A Reading Habit Is Important, How You Do It Is Not
  14. Start Lots of Books But Only Read The Ones You Love
  15. Books Understood > Books Read

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