We suffer more often in imagination that in reality.

We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality. — Seneca

There are two fundamental realities that we live in.

1-  An internal landscape with thoughts and feelings.

2- A physical environment where we interact with objects and people.

Most often in life, we tend to confuse the two. These two merge in together. Some of the thoughts we have in our internal landscape never quite materialize.

We have anxiety and worry about circumstances that are yet to come.

The elusive nature of thoughts brings us more misery than just meaningless armchair philosophy.

No one seems to argue the validity of your everyday thoughts. As Sherlock Holmes does, we all need to be keen observers of our thoughts.

Meditation is the key to overcome the thoughts.

If the feeling of boredom or frustration sets in, don’t just distract yourself with social media. Stay with the feeling for awhile. Start observing the thoughts that led to the emotions.

Become a detective of your thoughts. Make mindfulness a constant habit.

Your future self will thank you for it.

Depression is a fictional story your mind has created. If you choose to believe it, you become depressed.

Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems. — Epictetus

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