Difference between React and ReactDOM

React and ReactDOM are two separate libraries that are often used together in the development of web applications with React.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is designed to be declarative, meaning that developers specify what the UI should look like based on the current state of the application, and React takes care of updating the UI as needed. React is designed to be efficient and flexible, and is widely used in the development of web and mobile applications.

ReactDOM, on the other hand, is a library that provides an interface between React and the DOM (Document Object Model). The DOM is a tree-like structure that represents the HTML of a web page, and ReactDOM provides a set of functions that allow React components to be rendered to the DOM and updated efficiently.

In short, React is a library for building user interfaces, while ReactDOM is a library for interacting with the DOM and rendering React components to the web page. While they are often used together, they serve different purposes and can be used independently of each other.

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