Conditional Rendering

Your components will often need to display different things depending on different conditions. In React, you can conditionally render JSX using JavaScript syntax like if statements, &&, and ? : operators.

&& operator

{ isYes && <A />}

? : operator

isYes ? Yes() : No()
  • In React, you control branching logic with JavaScript.
  • You can return a JSX expression conditionally with an if statement.
  • You can conditionally save some JSX to a variable and then include it inside other JSX by - using the curly braces.
  • In JSX, {cond ? <A /> : <B />} means “if cond, render <A />, otherwise <B />.
  • In JSX, {cond && <A />} means “if cond, render <A />, otherwise nothing”.
  • The shortcuts are common, but you don’t have to use them if you prefer plain if.

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