Keep Going Through the Valley of Disappointment.

We all have life goals in mind, whether it’s getting rich, owning expensive cars, having a good career, or achieving a healthy body. When working towards these goals, we often expect linear progress. We work hard and expect to see results, which seems fair, right? However, the problem with long-term goals is that they take time to achieve - maybe one month, six months, or even years.

We know that everything takes time, but the real problem is that the results for our efforts may not be visible, even when we’re headed in the right direction in the initial stages. This lack of success visibility is a significant issue that we all face when pursuing our long term goals. We work hard for days, weeks, or even months, and the results may not be visible yet, making us feel like we’re shooting in the dark.

During this phase of life, it’s easy to become disappointed and think that our efforts aren’t working, leading to a feeling of hopelessness. However, the underlying issue on the path to achieving our goals is that there’s a curve, not a linear path (check the graph below).

(Graph from Atomic Habits by James Clear)

(Graph from Atomic Habits by James Clear)

That curve is called the Valley of Disappointment. It’s the point where people get discouraged and disappointed after putting in so much hard work for weeks or months because they’re not seeing any results or even a ray of hope.

However, this is natural. In the initial stages, we may not see any results from our hard work, as shown in the graph above. We need to trust ourselves and keep up the good work every single day. We must go through that, then only we can achieve the greatness we deserved.

To get through the Valley of Disappointment, we must be disciplined, focused on our goals, and have a clear vision. So keep pushing through it, and remember that success is waiting for you on the other side.

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