Codbix No.2

Reading list about automation and awesome wallpapers.

Improve productivity through incremental automation

Small enhancements to daily workflows can have an outsized impact on the amount of available space in our day.

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Wallpapers by Smashing Magazine

Awesome wallpaper collections designed with love by the community for the community, the wallpaper designs in this collection are available in versions with and without a calendar.

Wallpapers by Smashing Magazine

Out of the slums and into open source

Using software development as a path out of poverty, santosh knows a little support goes a long way.

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The modern web’s underrated powerhouse

It’s one of the most important yet under-appreciated building blocks of the internet. Consider this web page you’re reading right now. The links, headers, and paragraph breaks are marked up with HTML. But Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) really define the look and feel of it: the colors, the fonts, the column widths, the placement of all the various boxes and elements. If you’re looking at this page on a mobile device, it’s CSS that makes it look right on a smaller screen.

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Find A Friend, Boost Your Creativity, And Make Your Digital Dream Come True

Are you passionate about something? Do you have a secret project? Not something that will change the world (though who knows?), but will definitely change you? Do you have a friend who complements your skills? Has anyone recently asked you for help with their project? Do you just have a digital dream, or is there also a plan to make it come true?

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